Guarded Plant

What is a Guarded Plant? 

Guarded Plant status allows a company to operate a boiler under reduced supervision requirements when provincial regulations require continuous supervision, and permits the Chief/Shift Engineer to leave the boiler room to perform other maintenance/checks.  A company wishing to operate as a Guarded Plant cannot do so until they have applied and undergone an audit to ensure all fail-safe controls, audio/visuals alarms, and licensing requirements are met in accordance with Saskatchewan legislation. 

How to Operate as a Guarded Plant

Whether you are new to Guarded Plants and unsure of how to transition away from continuous supervision to reduced supervision under automatic control, or an established customer already operating with a Guarded Plant licence, click on the link above for an overview of the entire process. 

Annual 3rd Party Audit Reporting

All Guarded Plants must have an audit performed annually on the control systems used to operate the plant. A copy of the audit report must be submitted to the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan. Please ensure that your GPL Number is clearly indicated on the report. Should a required device fail, the guarded plant status will be suspended until repairs can be completed and the local inspector can verify the device is functional.  Please email the copy of the report to 

Licensing Cycle

Plant - 3 year term*

A Guarded Plant Licence is valid for 3 years as of the audit approval date, not the payment date.   

*Annual reporting requirements apply following audit approval. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 

Equipment - 1 year term

All Licence(s) to Operate (Boilers) located within the Guarded Plant expire on June 30 every year.


Frequently Asked Questions

To view our FAQs, general information and submission requirements, click the link above. 

Online Application & Payment

Application for Guarded Plant Licence