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New Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulations Released

Effective 2018 January 1st, The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulations came into enforcement.  Although there were many changes, the following change may impact applications for design reviews for pressure vessels.

Subsection 3(4) of the new Regulations states that the following pressure vessels must meet all the requirements for pressure vessels in the Act and these Regulations:

(a) autoclaves with a volume greater than 0.0425 cubic metres, an internal diameter greater than 152 millimetres, or any one short or long span dimension greater than 152 millimetres;

(b) air-cooled heat exchanger headers with any one short or long span dimension greater than 152 millimetres;

(c) plate heat exchangers with any one short or long span dimension greater than 152 millimetres;

(d) any other type of pressure vessel that is non-circular with any unsupported dimension greater than 152 millimetres that is used to evaluate its pressure rating.

This means that these pressure vessels no longer qualify as a Category H fitting under the rules of CSA B51.  They shall be registered as pressure vessels and their fabrication oversight shall be provided by an Authorized Inspector.  When fabricated outside of Canada, they shall be registered with the National Board.

Objective of Design Registration

The primary objective of Design Registration is to ascertain, within reasonable bounds, that designs submitted for registration under The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act are in compliance with the Act, Regulations, and relevant codes and standards. One must keep in mind that the owner of the design has ultimate responsibility for its correctness. Registration of a design does not relieve any person who constructs, installs, alters, or repairs a boiler or pressure vessel of liability with respect to that design.

Owners, users, agents, manufacturers, and contractors of boilers or pressurized equipment are responsible for registering equipment designs with TSASK. Before pressurized equipment is registered, its design is subject to an engineering review to ensure compliance with The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act, Regulations and adopted safety codes and standards. To register a design, please refer to the appropriate guideline.

This program area deals with Design Review of Pressure Equipment. The links beside and below are to various documents covering the specific requirements of this program, and access to the various forms used to administer the program.

The scope of the Design Registration Program involves:

  • Assessment of new and revised designs of boilers, pressure vessels, pressure piping, fittings and other pressure equipment for compliance with the Act and registration of those found acceptable
  • Assessment of alterations to boilers, pressure vessels and fittings and registration of those found acceptable
  • Alternatives to Saskatchewan CRN Design Review
  • Maintenance of a database and records of registered designs and procedures

Design Submission Requirements

Detailed design submission requirements and links to all application forms are available for the following areas:

Please return completed Design Registration packages to:

Codes and Standards Compliance Office
Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan
2202 2nd Ave.
Regina, SK S4R 1K3

Electronic submission is preferable. We are trying to go paperless. Please click here for instructions.