Engineered Pressure Enclosures

Effective 2017 May 1st

New Policy Paper TSASK-2016-07-02 Registration Process for Engineered Pressure Enclosures (EPE)

In a bid to move towards harmonization among the jurisdictions, TSASK is releasing a new policy paper on engineered pressure enclosures to be used in conjunction with ABSA AB-521 Requirements for Engineered Pressure Enclosures.  The TSASK policy paper highlights the jurisdictional differences between Saskatchewan and Alberta and details the amendments that are required for using EPEs in Saskatchewan.


New form TSK-1016 Record of EPE Installation

AB-521 refers to a Construction Data Report for the installation of an EPE.  TSASK has created TSK-1016 to be used in Saskatchewan.  Owners do have the option to have their company form recognized by TSASK in place of TSK-1016.  This will be addressed in the owner's Quality Management System (QMS) program.  

NOTE:  If you experience trouble viewing the fillable form (ie. some fields are not fillable), it may be your browser.  Switching browsers should make all the boxes fillable.  Please note that Sections VI. to VIII. do not contain fillable fields.

TSASK-2016-07-02 Registration Process for Engineered Pressure Enclosures (EPE) supersedes all other TSASK papers on EPEs (also known as "Leak Boxes").   No other papers on this topic shall be followed as of 2017 April 30th.