Fitting Design

Design Submission Requirements

Any person who intends to manufacture a fitting for use in Saskatchewan in connection with any boiler, pressure vessel, or pressure piping system shall apply for registration of the fitting unless otherwise provided in the regulations (described below). A fitting means a valve, gauge, regulating or controlling device, flange, pipe fitting, nozzle, or thing that is attached to or forms part of a boiler, pressure vessel, or pressure piping system. The submissions for registration shall include:

  • a completed "Application for Fitting Design Registration" form for each design; and
  • one "Statutory Declaration Form" completed by the manufacturer for each design;
  • the design details (drawings, brochures, catalogues, etc. as appropriate) 1 set;
  • send additional set if you require a stamped copy returned to you (additional fee applicable)
  • one set of calculations or reports in support of the design (where applicable);
  • proof of registration in another Canadian jurisdiction (if applicable);

The design details, specifications, and other information submitted should show enough detail to demonstrate that the design will conform to the code or standard specified in the statutory declaration and that the manufacturer conforms to a quality control program as required by the CSA B51 code.

For applicable fees please refer to the fee schedule located in the left-hand menu.

Submissions for registration can be made to the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan at the following address:

Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan
2202 2nd Ave.

Electronic submission is preferable. We are trying to go paperless. Please click here for instructions.


Design registration will be denoted by the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) assigned to the design. Any number of units may be made to one registered design, unless the code or regulations change to invalidate the registered design or unless the registration limits the number of units that may be built to the design. Registrations of fittings shall be resubmitted for validation ten years after the date of first acceptance.

Please Note - It is not necessary that the drawings be stamped by a registered Professional Engineer unless the code or design reviewer requires such stamping.

Exemptions from Registration Requirements of Fittings

A fitting is not required to be registered in Saskatchewan pursuant to The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act if:

  • It is registered by CSA (Contact: Janet Townsend)

    CSA International
    178 Rexdale Boulevard
    Toronto, ON M9W 1R3
    Ph: 416.747.4291
    Fax: 416.401.6795
    Email:; or

  • It is a Standard Category A, B, C, or G fitting, as set out in the CSA B51 code and complies with the specifications and standards listed in:
    • Table 126.1 of ASME B31.1-2016
    • Table 326.1 of ASME B31.3-2016
    • Table 526.1 of ASME B31.5-2016
    • Pressure relieve devices that comply with ASME/NBBI codes

For more information contact:

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety
Ph: 306.798.7111

Fax: 306.787.9273