Elevator Contractor's Licence

If you have any questions or concerns prior to applying for your Contractor's Licence, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact our office at 306-798-7112 or Toll Free at 866-530-8599.

Initial Application for an Elevator Contractor's Licence

If you are a first time applicant or if you have been unlicensed as a contractor for the past few years, please contact our Manager of Elevators and Amusement Rides, Russel Haukeness at 306-787-4531 for further instructions.

Application for an Elevator Contractor's Licence Renewal

Class A Renewal

Class B Renewal

Class B-Owner Renewal

Submission Requirements

Prior to completing an Application for Elevator Contractor's Licence - Class B-Owner, please ensure the following information has been provided to contactTSASK@tsask.ca to substantiate the qualification necessary to obtain the licence:

  1. The name of the engineer in charge of the engineering facilities, together with an original sample of his/her stamp and office phone number.

  2. The name of all employees authorized to work on the elevator(s). Documentation of their training and experience is required.

  3. Identify the elevator(s) to be worked on using the licence number assigned to that elevator. 

Once these prerequisites have been met, you are eligible to apply for your Class B-Owner Licence.

Class C Renewal

Class C-Owner Renewal