3rd Class Power Engineering Candidates

To be accepted as a candidate to write your 3rd class power engineering exam papers you must hold a valid 4th class power engineering certificate.

The third class consists of four exam papers. You will be allowed 3 ½ hours to complete each paper. All of the papers consist of 150 multiple choice questions.  To pass a candidate must obtain at least 65% for each exam paper.

Syllabus Materials

Exam Papers

The exam papers are as follow:

  3rd Class Part A

  3rd Class Part A       Paper 1   

 Applied Mathematics, Applied Mechanics, Thermodynamics  Applied, Science and  Industrial  Legislation & Codes                      

 3rd Class Part A      Paper 2                              

 Industrial Legislation & Codes, Code Calculations, ASME Section I, Fuels & Combustion,  Piping, Electrotechnology, Electrical Calculations, Control Instrumentation, & Industrial  Safety & Fire Protection          

  3rd Class Part B

 3rd Class Part B  Paper 1* 

 Boilers, Boiler Control Systems, Feedwater Treatment, Pumps, Welding Procedures &  Inspection and Pressure Vessels                                             

 3rd Class Part B  Paper 2 

 Prime Movers, Cogeneration, Refrigeration, Special Industrial Equipment, Waste Water  Treatment & Plant Maintenance, & Administration                                              

*SOPEEC has changed the format of this paper to be multiple choice.  The implementation date for the change is January 1, 2016.

Booking a 3rd Class Examination

Click here to be redirected to our Exam Calendar, where you can select an exam date in your preferred city, view exam details and then apply using the links provided. 

Please note: If the desired exam date is GREY, this sitting is full and another date should be selected. 

All exams are non-refundable, non-transferrable.