Pressure Equipment Inspectors

Licensed Pressure Equipment Inspectors (LPEI) are required for companies performing inspections under a Quality Management System of Inspections (QMS).  There are three classes of LPEI.  

PESL Seminar

New this year we will be including the LPEI exams with the PESL Seminar.  As we are proud of the PESL Seminar and the information covered, a short exam will be included to conclude the seminar.  

The combined instruction during the seminar and the examination meets the requirements for an examination with respect to the Act, Regulations and adopted standards for initial or renewal licensing purposes.  A copy of the Act and Regulations are provided each seminar attendee for reference in the exam but you are recommended to bring a copy of CSA B51 noting that the exam may cover that material in greater depth than the seminar.  Click here for further information regarding the PESL Seminar and to register for an upcoming date.


LPEI Scope

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Note that it is possible to hold a licence authorizing the scope of work for an LPEI while not holding a Certificate of Qualification issued by TSASK.

In order to be the Designated Pressure Equipment Inspector (Company Chief Inspector) for a QMS program, an LPEI must apply for a Certificate of Qualification.


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PESL Seminar

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