Important Changes to Limited Power Engineer (Fireman) Exam Program - Effective June 1st, 2015

TSASK is pleased to announce the following changes to the Limited Power Engineer's (Fireman) Program effective June 1st, 2015:

  • New Weighted Syllabus - each content title is now accompanied by a weighted value so candidates know exactly where the emphasis will be. Click here to view. 
  • New Course Material - in conjunction with the new syllabus, PanGlobal will be releasing a revised course manual on June 1st, 2015 that will eventually replace the current course material. 
  • New 2 hour (100 question) exam option based on new syllabus and course materials -  as opposed to the previous 1.5 hour (70 question) provincial exam based on current material.  
  • New Formula Sheet - included as part of the syllabus, candidates will be allowed to bring a copy into the exam as long as there are no extra marks on it. Click here to view. 
  • Example Questions - in addition to the questions found in the course material, TSASK is providing 25 sample questions for candidates to review. Click here to view. 


If you would like to view the original document summarizing these changes, click here.

If you prefer to view a more detailed explanation of the upcoming changes including background, general information, course content, and the implementation timeline, click here.

For more information:

Candidates who have further questions on specific changes can contact Kathryn Black, PEng, Senior Engineer at or at (306) 787-2233.

General Inquiries can be directed to Customer Service at or at (306) 798-7111.