Important Changes to Power Engineering Licences - Effective March 20, 2015

TSASK will be changing our Power Engineer Licensing processes to serve you better, effective March 20, 2015. 

Some of these process improvements include:

  • *NEW 1 YEAR LICENCE OPTION - We are pleased to announce the addition of a 1 year licensing option as an alternative to renewing your licence for 5 years.
  • *NEW DUAL LICENCE FORMAT -  Power Engineering Licences will now be issued in both a wallet size, and 5 x 7 format, allowing you to frame a copy.
  • *NEW ELECTRONIC DELIVERY METHOD - Once your licence has been renewed, an official copy will be issued to you in electronic format, and no hard-copy will be mailed.
  •  ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION - When it’s time to renew, you may apply online using your VISA or MASTERCARD. 

Reminder to all Power Engineers

With the implementation of our new electronic delivery method, your renewed licence will be sent to the email address we currently have on file, making it vital that this information is correct.

If you received our recent email blast regarding these changes:

If you received our email, and prefer that future correspondence and operator’s licences be sent to a different email address, please notify us at contactTSASK@tsask.caso we can update our records. 

If you are a Power Engineer, but didn't receive our email blast:

If you didn't receive our email, there is a good chance the email address we have on file is incorrect or obsolete. Please notify us at contactTSASK@tsask.caso we can update our records, and ensure that future correspondence and licences are successfully delivered. 


Kindest Regards,

Business Administrative Service