Effective July 1, 2017, TSASK is introducing fee changes, which come after careful consideration regarding the cost of service related to administering the required programs.

Please click below to view the Fee Schedule for each of our program areas.

Boiler Pressure Vessels

Codes & Standards Compliance

Quality Programs

Examination, Certification, & Licensing



      Additional Changes to Fee Schedule

 Boiler Pressure Vessels

  • Routine Inspection Service $30.00/per unit

Some equipment require routine inspections on a yearly basis while some only require routine inspections every 5 years.  Rather than increasing annual licensing fees for all equipment types, the routine inspection fee better reflects the cost of service.


  • Pressure Equipment Inspector Administration  $324.00
  • Pressure Equipment Inspector Recertification  $324.00 

The examination fee includes the cost of a 5 year licence.  The fees are based due to market conditions and jurisdictional comparisons.

·         Pressure Equipment re-examination fee $108.00

   If candidate is unsuccessful, the candidate may re-write the exam at the cost of $108.00


  • Facility Fee   $27.00

The fees are based on a “user-pay” basis to recover the total cost of providing that service.  This fee helps recover the cost to rent the facility and the consumables expenses used at the test locations.