Information Paper on Oilfield Boilers has been Released

In conjunction with the revamped webpage for Portable Equipment, TSASK has released the final paper on additional information and requirements for oilfield boilers.  Information Paper, IP-2016-10-02, was developed to replace all previous versions of papers that had outlined various requirements for oilfield boilers.  TSASK has taken all the information in those papers and updated it and published one new paper.

Additional Requirements - Out-of-Province Boilers

All out-of-province owners should note the clause 5.1.3 in IP-2016-10-02 Additional Information and Requirements for Oilfield Boilers regarding the annual licence to operate in Saskatchewan.  TSASK has spelled out the requirements that the owner shall submit the ABSA or BCSA paperwork annually along with the licence renewal regardless of whether or not the boiler may be sent to Saskatchewan or not.  Otherwise, the annual licence shall be cancelled and all the fees applicable to a new boiler shall apply.

Please follow the link to the portable equipment page for more information.  Please feel free to contact TSASK to discuss further.