Codes & Standards Compliance

 Licence to Operate (Vessel)

*NEW* Operator's Licence - 1 year

Operator's Licence - 5 year

Welder's Licence by Authorized Contractor

Amusement Ride Licence Renewal Payment

Installation or Repair/Alteration Permit Payment 

Annual Elevating Conveyance Licence Renewal/Invoice Payment

 Elevator Contractor's Licence Renewal

Quality Control Program & Contractor's Licence

Quality Management System

Weld Procedure

6" Initial Pressure Welder's Qualification Test

2" Pressure Welder's Qualification Test

Out of Province Welder's Licence Transfer

Annual Licence to Operate Boiler & Pressure Vessel Equipment

 Limited Power Engineer Examination

 Power Engineer Examination

  • To apply for a Power Engineering exam (1st - 5th Class and Refrigeration Engineer) or the Pressure Equipment Inspector Administration exam, please select your date from the online exam calendar. Once you have clicked on the desired date in the exam calendar, you will be redirected to an information page for that exam date. The application and payment forms for the exams offered on that day are located at the bottom of the page. 

 Limited Power Engineer Remark

 Power Engineer Remark

Invoice Payment