TSASK to Host Special Sitting of the PEI Exams at IPEIA

TSASK has decided to offer a special sitting for the licensed Pressure Equipment Inspector (PEI) exams at the IPEIA conference in Banff, Alberta in February.  

Both the administration exam and re-certification exam will be offered at 7:00 pm on 2017 February 28th. If you have any questions regarding the requirements, please do not hesitate to email the examination group at TSASK at exams@tsask.ca.  The fee for each exam is $108.  Applications must be received before 5:00 pm CST on 2017 February 14th.

To write the administration exam for applicants who do not currently hold a Saskatchewan PEI licence, click here.  Candidates have 3 hours to write this exam. (Registration has now closed)

To write the re-certification exam for applicants who currently hold a 5 year Saskatchewan PEI licence that is about to expire or has expired, click here.  Candidates have 1.25 hours to write this exam. (Registration has now closed)