TSASK Invites Comment on Steam Traction Engine Findings

Draft Findings for Steam Traction Engine Public Consultations Released for Comment

TSASK has released the draft findings from the Public Consultations held last spring.  The document details the work that was done, consultations with stakeholders on the findings, and outlines the pathway forward.  TSASK will receive comments on the document until end of business Friday, May 8th, 2015.  Anyone wishing to comment on the findings are invited to contact TSASK at kathryn.black@tsask.ca.  Please click here to download the document.

Once the final comments are received, TSASK will be posting and emailing the final document.

TSASK is also pleased to advise that the TSASK External/Internal Inspection Video demonstrating what TSASK looks for when doing an inspection on a steam traction engine has been posted to the website.  The video can be found on the Steam Traction Engine Webpage at http://www.tsask.ca/steam-traction-engines.  This is the first of three videos being produced by TSASK.  Video 2 will depict a 200 psi hydrotest on a Steam Traction Engine and Video 3 will be an operational video.  Please feel free to share your thoughts by emailing kathryn.black@tsask.ca.