Quality Control Programs

Anyone who intends to construct, install, alter or repair a:

  • boiler
  • pressure vessel
  • fitting
  • pressure piping system

in Saskatchewan must develop and implement a written quality control program. The quality control program must be registered with the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan before any work may begin.

Once your quality control program has been accepted for registration, we will issue a Certificate of Registration. Your Certificate is valid for three years after the date of issue. You will need to resubmit your manual for registration at the end of the three years to obtain a new, valid Certification of Registration. We suggest that you resubmit your manual approximately six months prior to the expiration of your Certificate.

Please note:

As part of a registered quality control program manual, section 30 of the Regulations requires that you hold a valid Contractor's Licence before starting any of the work listed above. 

  * Information on this page is referenced from the Saskatchewan Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulations sections 12, 28 and 30. 

How to Apply: 

To submit, or resubmit, your Quality Control Manual for registration click here. Then, please email your manual to qualityprograms@tsask.ca.

To apply for a Quality Control Program Review and Contractor’s Licence click here:

To apply for a Quality Control Program Revision click here