Applications for Steam Traction Engine (STE) Operators

TSASK has not yet instituted the practical test for Steam Traction Engine Operators.  For now, candidates need only pass the written exam and they are eligible to apply for their licence.

For existing steam traction engine licence holders, licences may be renewed for 2 years.

First Time Applicants

Written Examination Application

Please click here to follow the link to apply to write the steam traction engine exam.  Look for the blue boxes - Limited Power Engineering and select the sitting that you want.  Once selected, follow the links to complete your application.

Please click here for the Steam Traction Engine Operator Exam Syllabus.

Application for a new STE Operator Licence

Upon successful completion of the STE Operator written exam, please click here to apply for your licence.

Renewals of Existing Licences

Please click here to renew your licence for 2 years.