Inspection & Repair Information

NBIC Part 3 - Repairs & Alterations, Section 6, Supplement 2 - Historical Boilers Review and Standard Repair

The NBIC has been adopted for use in Saskatchewan.  Therefore, TSASK shall accept repairs that are made to this code provided TSASK has given prior approval to the repair work before it begins.

TSASK will not accept the use of standard repairs.  Each repair requires the approval of TSASK.

TSASK provided both the Steam Association of Saskatchewan and the Western Development Museum with copies of the NBIC for reference by community members.

NBIC Part 2 - Inspections, Section 6, Supplement 2 - Historical Boilers Inspections in Saskatchewan

TSASK is prepared to accept the use of NBIC Part 2 inspections for historical boilers provided:

  • the calculations in Part 2 Section 6 Supplement 2 have been performed, signed and stamped by a professional engineer and have been accepted by TSASK;
  • TSASK annual inspection shall still be performed without the 200 psi hydro;
  • results of NBIC yearly recommendations shall be provided to TSASK for review; and
  • TSASK may require additional testing beyond that in the NBIC and the owner shall perform the additional testing.

If an owner undertakes the calculations outlined in the NBIC and determines through those calculations that the steam traction engine is not suitable to run at 100 psi, the owner shall notify TSASK immediately of the discovery.  TSASK will then work with the owner to rerate the steam traction engine to an acceptable operating pressure.

Once an owner has operated his or her steam traction engine at a pressure greater than 100 psi, there shall be no option for the owner to revert back to the TSASK annual inspection regime which includes a 200 psi hydro test.

Rerating of the pressure for a steam traction engine requires the written approval of the Chief Inspector for Saskatchewan.