Larry Postnikoff, Manager, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety

Larry has been interested in steam traction engines all his life - literally.  At the tender age of 3, Larry got his first real exposure, sharing a family love of the turn of the 20th century engines.  Larry continued to build his knowledge of steam traction engines over his career and brought with him a wealth of experience when he joined the then Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Unit (now TSASK) in 1997. 

Larry is a leader in the steam traction engine industry.  He developed the exam question bank for the Special Operator’s Licence for Steam Traction Engines for TSASK, developed the original Western Development Museum (WDM) steam traction engine training course subsequently taught and managed by others now and he even took a leave of absence from TSASK to coordinate the installation of the new boiler on the steam locomotive at the Moose Jaw WDM.  So, you can see how committed Larry is to the continued operation of steam traction engines.

Larry is the lead inspector for steam traction engines for TSASK, training new inspectors every year on how to properly inspect and test these engines.  Currently, he is actively involved in developing a new inspection manual for TSASK Inspectors to follow when inspecting an engine.  This “involvement” will include being in a video to be posted on this site describing and demonstrating a typical steam traction engine inspection – an initiative that was a direct result of the public consultations with industry last spring. 

Larry is a strong advocate for steam traction engines in Saskatchewan. He has always had a deep interest in these historical engines and would like to see them continue to be a rich part of Saskatchewan’s heritage.


TSASK Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Team

TSASK employs an inspection team with a variety of backgrounds.  And, as diverse as the backgrounds are, most have a common interest in steam traction engines, probably because of their experience with steam.  From industry champions to new inspectors wanting an opportunity to get more involved, TSASK inspectors are interested in seeing the historical equipment maintained and operated safely. 


Kathryn A Black, Senior Engineer

Kathryn has rejoined TSASK after 7 years of working in the power industry.  In 1997, Kathryn originally joined the then Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Unit (now TSASK) at the same time as Larry Postnikoff.  Kathryn began as an inspector and eventually joined the Codes and Standards Compliance area as a Design Survey Engineer.   She has now returned to provide support to the continued development of the new TSASK. 

One of Kathryn’s first tasks is to see the commitments made by TSASK to the Steam Traction Engine Industry realized.  Kathryn will be working very closely with Larry Postnikoff and the inspection team to develop the new inspection video and training manual for the inspectors.  She has also been tasked with the management of the new TSASK webpage for the steam traction engines as well as coordinating the items that TSASK has committed to reviewing.

Kathryn has experience with steam traction engines and, like many at TSASK, would like to see this important part of Saskatchewan’s heritage continue to thrive.  Kathryn is the contact point for anyone wishing to provide input into the review process.  Please feel free to contact her anytime.  

Email:  Kathryn.Black@tsask.ca; Phone: (306) 787-2233