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Portable Equipment Status

Portable Equipment Status is defined as pressure equipment that is:

  • Truck or trailer mounted; OR
  • Skid mounted and intended to be relocated multiple times in a year.

Examples of portable pressure equipment include:

  • Steam boilers used in association with oil drilling or oil well servicing rigs;
  • Steam boilers for culvert or drain system steaming;
  • Pressure vessels on vehicles such as highway stripe painting trucks;
  • Gas and casing gas compressors; and
  • Pressure vessels used as portable test treaters or separators.

In order for pressure equipment to be considered for portable equipment status, the pressure equipment must:

  • Be installed on a truck, trailer or skid whose business purpose requires multiple location changes in a year;
  • Have a valid licence to operate; and
  • Be protected by a pressure relief device whose discharge piping is not connected to any header system not fully contained on the truck, trailer or skid.

It is the responsibility of the owner, lessee or representative to track the location of the equipment at all times. Portable Equipment status may be cancelled if the owner, lessee or representative is not able to provide TSASK with the location of the equipment for inspection and/or audit purposes.

Application for Portable Equipment Status

Portable Status *NEW

Here is what’s new:

  1. Combined Application Process
  • Portable Status will now be a part of the Installation Permit Application, eliminating the need for a separate form. Should you require portable status, you can do so in an added section without having to complete a separate application.
  1. No extra Cost
    • Applying for Portable Status won't cost extra. If you require portable status the Installation Permit fees remain at $95 for standard processing or $190 for expedited.
  1. For Existing Equipment:
  • To add portable status, just email . We will send you an application for this purpose, at no additional charge.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved for portable status, it will be reflected on your licence to operate.


Information Papers

For more information on Portable Equipment Status please refer to the Portable Equipment information papers:


IP-2008-04-04 - Acceptance of Portable Pressure Equipment


IP-2016-10-02 - Additional Information and Requirements for Oilfield Boilers