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Changing the Manufacturer of Record on a Canadian Registration Number

TSASK issues Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN's) in the name of a particular manufacturer. The manufacturer then becomes the manufacturer of record for the CRN and takes full responsibility for the design and ensures that every vessel or boiler is strictly constructed in accordance with the registered design. The registered design drawing with revision level shall be specified on the Manufacturer’s Data Report in the space provided beside the CRN.

When designers or engineering firms apply for a CRN, the manufacturer’s name and a copy of their quality control program Certificate of Registration is provided. When more than one manufacturer is specified, separate CRNs shall be issued to each manufacturer.

Changing the Manufacturer of Record on a Canadian Registration Number information paper guides manufacturers on how to change the manufacturer of record on a Canadian Registration Number (CRN), the requirements and scope of application.

Manufacturer of Record Change

Manufacturers may maintain effective operational control of CRN's, design drawings and design calculations under a different name and/or different ownership structure.

When the manufacturer of record changes, the CRN's, design drawings and design calculations may transfer to the new manufacturer provided the following requirements are met:

  • Proof of ownership;
  • Updated Quality Control (QC) Program to include the source of the new CRN's;
  • Evidence their QC Program is sufficient to manufacture the new designs;
  • Name change on documents; and
  • Submission to TSASK. Demand fees will apply.


If possible, applicants should contact their Design Reviewer directly with questions.  Be sure to include the TSASK reference number or provide enough detail that the Design Reviewer will know which application is being referenced.

For all other design inquiries, please contact TSASK Design Registration:

Please ask to speak to a TSASK Design Reviewer or the Manager, Codes & Standards Compliance.