Guideline for Making an Electronic Application

General Instructions

  1. Email your documents to, submissions for registration should only be sent once.
  2. Do not email and then courier or mail the documents, unless otherwise requested by TSASK.
  3. When your submission is received, you will receive a ‘Confirmation of Design Submission’ email with a newly assigned TSASK reference number. If you do not receive this confirmation within two full business days of sending an electronic submission, please contact us to ensure that the submission has been received. Note that the email address above is for new submission ONLY.
  4. If you need to send an update or resubmission, please contact us at 306.798.7111 or after receiving your TSASK reference number. Responses to review comments will be sent to the reviewer only.
  5. Upon successful review, TSASK will email you electronically stamped documents, if requested on your application. No hard copies will be mailed. If the application is too complex to be reviewed electronically, TSASK may ask for a printed copy of the documents.

Instructions for Email

  1. Send separate emails for separate submissions, i.e. one email per registration number request. If all documents can NOT be attached to a single email due to size limitations, the submission package may be sent in more than one email. The email subject should clarify how many emails are being sent (i.e. Email 1 of 3, etc.)
  2. Files should be attached to the email; web links are not acceptable.
  3. Files should be directly attached to the email being sent. Do not include emails as attachments.

Instructions for Files

  1. Files should be in PDF format only, with no PDF security features enabled.
  2. ZIP or RAR files are acceptable provided they contain individual and separate files.
  3. Files should be separated by content type; a single file should only contain drawings or calculations.
  4. Each file should be clearly labeled to indicate contents:           
  • Application form;
  • Drawings;
  • Calculations;
  • Additional documents;
  • Proof of registration from another province (if applicable); and
  • All pages of the calculations must have the same orientation (all pages either in portrait or landscape).

Required Electronic Documents

Boiler and pressure vessels:

  • Registration application form TSK-1010; and
  • Drawings, calculations and other related technical documents as applicable.


  • Registration application form TSK-1014;
  • Statutory Declaration form TSK-1008; and
  • Drawings, catalogs, calculations, proof test reports and other technical documents as applicable.


  • Registration application form TSK-1011;
  • General Engineering Requirement form TSK-1003;
  • Drawings (flow diagrams, P&ID’s), piping material specifications, line list, design calculation/stress analysis (if applicable) and other technical documents as applicable; and 
  • For piping systems which contain multiple services where some are subject to registration and others are not, those subject to registration need to be clearly marked (i.e. highlighted). See the complete checklist for more information.