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Design Registration

Is design registration required for rerating vessels and piping systems?

Yes, design registration is required for rerates. The following must be submitted to the TSASK Design Portal:

Pressure vessels

  • The Manufacturer's Data Report (MDR (U-1A));
  • TSK-1009 Repair/Alteration Report;
  • Non-destructive examination results (UT preferable) to establish the vessels condition; and
  • ASME code calculations verifying that the vessel, in its present condition, is suitable for its intended service.

Piping systems

If the original hydro test is not adequate for the new conditions, a pressure test will be required. The same applies to the derating of vessels and piping systems.

Is there an alternative to having a CRN for a boiler or pressure vessel in Saskatchewan?

Yes, Saskatchewan has an option for owners of pressure equipment to register a data report in lieu of obtaining a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for Saskatchewan.  

Please refer to the Alternative to CRN Registration section for the full process.

If the boiler or pressure vessel is registered using the alternative to a CRN, what information gets recorded on the nameplate?

The nameplate must meet the requirements of the applicable ASME Code and/or CSA B51. A CRN will not be issued by TSASK when the alternative to CRN registration process is followed. Therefore, a ‘3’ will not be added to the suffix of the CRN issued by another province nor will the CRN that is stamped on the nameplate contain the ‘3’ for Saskatchewan.  

TSASK tracks these vessels by issuing a unique Saskatchewan ‘SK’ number which is recorded at TSASK and is added to the unit by the local TSASK Inspector. Owners who register the data report should contact the local TSASK Inspector to make arrangements for the stamping of the registration number.

Which categories of fittings are exempt from registration in Saskatchewan?

Standard Category A, B, C or G fittings as set out in the CSA B51 code that comply with the specifications and standards listed in:

  • Table 126.1 of ASME B31.1-2016
  • Table 326.1 of ASME B31.3-2016
  • Table 526.1 of ASME B31.5-2016
  • Pressure relieve devices that comply with ASME/NBBI code

Do pressure relief valves have to be registered in Saskatchewan?

Certified capacity-rated pressure relief devices listed as Category G fitting in CSA B51-14 Table 1, do not require registration in Saskatchewan.

What is the current turnaround time for a non-expedited design submission?

Standard turnaround time is 6 weeks.

What is the current turnaround time for a data report registration?

Turnaround for data report registration is 1 week.

If I have a CRN from another province, do I still need to register in Saskatchewan?

Yes, this would be considered a “reciprocal registration”. Design review time is considerably less than a regular review.


If I apply for expedited service, should I expect a CRN by the ‘date expected’?

If the design survey engineer has any questions or concerns regarding your submission, they will respond by the ‘date expected’. However, a CRN is not guaranteed by then.

If there are no issues with your design submission, you will receive a CRN by the ‘date expected’.

How can I find out if a CRN is registered in Saskatchewan?

Call our office at 306.798.7111 and ask to speak with a design survey engineer who can look up the CRN for you.

Can I get a copy of a CRN registration letter?

You can obtain a copy of a CRN registration letter by completing a Request for CRN Registration Letter. This administrative service is subject to an hourly fee.  

If the inspector of fabricated piping being built to ASME B31.3 outside of Canada is an Authorized Inspector who is not associated with the owner directly, should he/she be signing the Certificate of Inspection box on TSK-1002 Construction Data Reports for Pressure Piping Systems form?  If so, does he/she sign as the owner/client's inspector or the provincial Authorized Inspector spot?

For ASME B31.3 piping, the Authorized Inspector is deemed the owner/client inspector.  As such, he/she should sign as the owner's inspector.

I have a multiple package submission, there will be more than one company providing the piping. Can you explain the ‘owner's requirements’ referred to in the Application for the Registration of a Pressure Piping Design Using Multiple Submission Packages information paper, paragraph 4.2.3?

Some owners have requirements for piping that are more stringent than the minimum code requirements. When not in conflict with code requirements, the owner's requirements need to be followed.


Can a fabricator located outside of Canada start work before TSASK acceptance?

TSASK requires that an applicant obtain registration prior to starting construction. Please refer to CSA B51-19 Code Clause 4.1.1.

Why did we get charged the expedited fee when we did not receive registration within the stipulated working days?

An expedited fee is charged when your review is completed within the stipulated working days. Having the review completed does not mean the registration has been issued. When there are clarifications and/or modifications to the design required, additional working days may apply. TSASK does not guarantee the registration is completed in the expedited time frame - just the review.