Policy and Information Papers

For more information on Design Registration, please refer to the Design Registration policy and information papers:

Policy Papers


TSASK-2021-04-01 Registration Process for Engineered Composite Systems (ECS)


TSASK-2016-07-01 Application for the Registration of a Pressure Piping Design


TSASK-2016-07-02 Registration Process for Engineered Pressure Enclosures (EPE)


TSASK-2016-11-01 Changing the Manufacturer of Record on a Canadian Registration Number

Information Papers


IP-2019-01-01: Guidelines for Electronic Application for Design Registration


IP-2016-07-01  Pressure Piping Design Registration Audit Reviews – QMS & QCP Holders Only


IP-2016-07-02  Application for the Registration of a Pressure Piping Design Using a Single Submission Package


IP-2016-07-03  Application for the Registration of a Pressure Piping Design Using Multiple Submission Packages


IP-2016-07-04  Application for the Registration of a Skid Design


IP-2016-07-05  Pressure Piping Registration Submission Package Checklist


IP-2016-07-06  Pressure Relief Device Common Discharge Header Sizing


IP-2014-03-01: Guide for Completing Form TSK-1002


IP-2013-07-001: Requirements For the Acceptance of Used Pressure Vessels For Use Within the Province of Saskatchewan


IP-2013-07-002: Requirements for the Design and Fabrication of Pressure Coils in Petroleum and Chemical Plant Fired Heaters


IP-2011-03-001: Overpressure Protection by System Design (OPPSD) Requirements