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Guarded Plant 

General Information

  • When a Guarded Plant application is made for the first time, a TSASK inspector must witness the testing of all controls by a third party company. 
  • The audit of a Guarded Plant performed by a TSASK inspector is subject to invoicing. A minimum of 2 hours will be charged to the owner, plus all reasonable travel, meal, and accomodation expenses. 
  • Upon approval of the Guarded Plant application, the owner will be issued a Certificate of Registration/Guarded Plant Licence. 

What are the security requirements for a Guarded Plant? 

The boiler room of a Guarded Plant should be a restricted area, accessible to Authorized Personnel only. 

Does TSASK require any additional information at the time of application? 

Yes, please include the following when you submit your application and payment: 

  1. List of Operator duties - include the job description of the boiler operator, and a list of all duties performed before leaving, while away from, and after returning to the boiler room (including time frames).
  2. Alarm Reponse Time - this will be checked during the audit to give the inspector an idea of how long it will take the operator to receive the alarm notification, return to the boiler room, and correct the issue. A reasonable time for returning to the boiler room is 10 minutes. 

How does a Guarded Plant continue operation in compliance with Legislation after the approval audit? 

To help ensure the safe operation of boilers under reduced supervision, TSASK requires that boiler control testing is performed at least once a year by a Third Party Auditor. Upon completion of this audit, the Guarded Plant owner must provide TSASK with a copy of the report. 

Click here to submit your Annual Third Party Audit Reporting.