Power Engineer Exam Calendar

Click on the exam sitting's title for information on cut off dates, exam times, application instructions and available exams.

How to Apply

  • Power Engineering exams are scheduled for specific dates and times in both Regina and Saskatoon. There will be no exceptions made. Please click on the preferred exam date for details;
  • If the date is grey, this means that you can no longer apply for this sitting because it is either full or past the cut off time;
  • Please note:
    • All exams are NON-REFUNDABLE;
    • All exams are NON-TRANSFERABLE - once you are booked in for an exam, you will not be able to move it to a different date
    • In order to write an exam in Saskatchewan, you must reside in the province of Saskatchewan.
    • There are a LIMITED number of seats available each exam sitting and all applications will be booked on a first come, first serve basis
    • If you fail an exam, you must wait 30 days before rewriting. (this does not apply to the Boiler Operator Exams - Fireman, Refrigeration Operator or Oilfield Operator)
    • If you apply for an exam and your application is denied, a refund will not be issued