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Pressure Brazing

TSASK regulates the brazing of boilers, pressure vessels, fittings and pressure piping systems in accordance with part 2(3) and parts 28 – 30 of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulations. TSASK registers brazing procedure specifications, administers brazing performance qualifications and issues pressure brazing licences.

Brazing Performance Qualification

TSASK offers a standard brazing performance qualification test, unless otherwise is requested:

  • A 1.0” diameter Type L copper pipe (pipe with coupling) coupon is brazed in the vertical and horizontal positions using AWS A5.8 BCuP-5 filler metal and 100% nitrogen purging gas.

If the client requires qualification in a brazing procedure that differs from the standard test, then the client shall supply all materials and consumables.

This standard brazing performance qualification test will qualify the brazer for a certain range of essential variables. If a different range of essential variables is needed, then the client should request an alternate test configuration that will achieve the desired qualification. TSASK will do its best to accommodate alternate configurations.

Apply for a Brazing Qualification Test

Please refer to the Test Calendar for testing dates, testing is only available at the Sask Piping (UA Local 179) location.

Sask Piping - 9:00 AM 

Initial Pressure Brazing Qualification Test

Renewal Pressure Brazing Qualification Test

Brazing Procedure Registration

Under parts 28-29 of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulations, a person who intends to construct, alter or repair any boiler, pressure vessel, fitting or pressure piping system by brazing must qualify brazing procedures before commencing construction. These brazing procedure specifications must be registered with TSASK.

To register a Brazing Procedure complete the Registration of Brazing Procedure or Revision form.