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Renewal 2” Qualification Test

Pressure Weld testing is available to individuals that hold or have held a pressure welder’s licence acceptable to TSASK. If you have never held a pressure welder's ticket, please refer to Initial Qualification Test.

Standard tests in our controlled facilities in Saskatoon and Regina cover:

  • BPVS-1: SMAW/SMAW, F3/F4, P1-P1, 6G, 2 Inch XXS pipe
  • BPVS-2: GTAW/SMAW, F6/F5, P1-P1, 6.G, 2 Inch XXS pipe
  • BPVS-3: GTAW/SMAW, F43/F43, P1-P1, 6G, 2 Inch XXS pipe (need to supply own filler metal)
  • BPVS-4: GTAW/SMAW, F6/F4, P1-P1, 6G, 2 Inch XXS pipe    
  • BPVS-5: GTAW, F6 ALL, P1-P1, 6G, 2 Inch XXS pipe
  • BPVS-6: GMAW/FCAW, P1-P1, 6G, 2 Inch XXS Pipe (need to supply own registered WPS and filler metal)

You are welcome to test other special processes, as long as the WPS is registered with TSASK. To do this, check "other" on your application form. Please note that you will need to supply a copy of the WPS with your application.

Test coupons may be purchased from TSASK or self-supplied. If you supply your own test coupon, its dimensions must meet those in the drawing.  For NPS 2, please see the NPS 2 Weld Coupon Drawing.

Your Pressure Welder's licence will be issued once you have passed the qualification test. The licence will be valid for two years, is un-restricted and can be transferred to other jurisdictions in Canada.

If you do not pass your pressure test, you will need to re-book your test for another pressure weld session. Same day re-tests cannot be accommodated.