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Quality Management Systems

Can a QMS holder increase inspection intervals upon implementation of a QMS?

Before an inspection interval can be increased, a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) program must first be implemented. Upon successful implementation of an RBI program, an application to the Chief Inspector of TSASK can be made for increased inspection intervals.

Can the reporting intervals be extended beyond one year?

No, if the required reports are not received at regular intervals not exceeding one year, an audit for the purpose of obtaining inspection information will be scheduled and performed at the QMS holder’s expense.

Can acceptance inspections be performed by a licensed Pressure Equipment Inspector under QMS also be performed by a TSASK inspector? (This applies only if you are a registered QMS company)

Yes, after a favourable acceptance inspection by a Licensed Pressure Equipment Inspector, the equipment can be started and operated without delay. The TSASK Inspector will perform the acceptance inspection within twelve months to verify the installation. Additional fees will be charged for the inspector's time and travel.