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Oil and Gas Facilities Code

The Oil and Gas Facilities Code is organized by sections.

Notes for this Edition

  • This Code is designed in the same format as the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), Part I.
  • The numbering system is equivalent to a separate Section of the CEC and this Code is intended to be supplementary to, or amendatory of, the CEC as indicated in the Scope.
  • Appendix B19 is the equivalent of Appendix B in the CEC and formatted in the same way.
  • Diagrams B19 form part of Appendix B19.
  • Annex J19 is designed as an additional Annex to Appendix J of the CEC.
  • Since this Code is supplementary to, or amendatory of, the CEC, all other Appendix B or Appendix J notes in the CEC are valid.
  • Appendix C19 is the Organization and Rules of Procedure for the Committee on the Code for Electrical Installations at Oil and Gas Facilities approved by the Electrical Technical Council.
  • Appendix D19 is engineering guidelines for determining area classification.

How to Identify Changes from the Last Edition

Changes from the last edition of the Code are expressed with a triangle Δ where a requirement has been added or amended and a ‘no’ symbol  represents a code deletion where requirements have been deleted.

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