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Services Over 400 Amps  and Other Pre-Inspections

Two weeks' notice is required for an inspection of the following installations prior to concealment, operation and/or utility connection, the contractor may be requested to be present for:

  • Main service and/or feeders over 400 Amps;
  • Medical facilities that contain patient care areas, prior to closing in of walls;
  • High voltage installations, including grounding;
  • Energy production such as solar and wind, generation, battery storage systems;
  • Buildings housing livestock or poultry;
  • High voltage neon signs and outline lighting;
  • Sewage lift and treatment facilities; and
  • Irrigation systems.*

*Requirements taken from Saskatchewan Interpretations, Section 2-012

To facilitate the inspection of the installations, contractor photos can be attached to the permit in the GEIS Permit System or available at the time of the inspection to show the wiring installation, grounding connection and bonding of the equipment and installation of the equipment.

For further information, please contact the Inspector for your District