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Electrical Plans Review Submissions

One set of electrical construction plans and specifications, as required by Section 19 of The Electrical Inspection Act or as requested by the Electrical Inspections department, must be submitted to and reviewed by the Electrical Inspections department for:

  • Main service and or feeders where ampacity is larger than 400A;
  • All renewable energy systems installations;
  • Sewage lift and treatment facilities;
  • Class A, B and C health care facilities as indicated by the current edition of the Z32 Standard, including identification of the patient care areas (See Section 24 in the Saskatchewan Interpretations for definitions);
  • Installations covered by Sections 18, 19 (Oil & Gas Code - excluding single oil well sites <1000 V) 20 and 22;
    • Reclassification of areas must be performed by a Professional Engineer complete with an assessment report and stamped drawings
  • High voltage services and feeders;
  • Generator systems over 12 KW; or
  • Any other installation as deemed necessary by the Electrical Inspections department (i.e. large renovations of public buildings).

For more information about submission of plans, please see the Electrical Code Saskatchewan Interpretations, Section 2-014 and the Oil & Gas Code if applicable.

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