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Solar Installations

The Net Metering Program allows customers to generate their own power using renewable energy sources like solar installations.

All solar installations must be installed by a Licensed Saskatchewan Electrical Contractor. Refer to The Saskatchewan Interpretations Section 2-014 for more information.


Next Steps to Connecting Solar Installations:


  1. Engage the services of a Licensed Saskatchewan Electrical Contractor.
  2. Make an application to the Utility (SaskPower, City of Saskatoon, or City of Swift Current) for a bi-directional meter.
  3. The quotes, terms & conditions from the Utility must be accepted before the process can continue.
  4. Prior to installation, the contractor must submit the plan and the Renewable Information Check Sheet to
  5. When the solar installation is ready for the bi-directional meter, the contractor must contact the TSASK Electrical Inspector for the inspection.
  6. Contact the Utility to install the bi-directional meter once the electrical inspection has been approved.