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Amusement Ride & Device Classification Guidelines

There are two types of amusement rides & devices:

  • Non-Itinerant
  • Itinerant

Non-Itinerant rides include go-karts installed in a fixed location for longer than 12 months, itinerant rides are rides other than non-itinerant.

There are 5 Classifications of Rides:

Class A

A coaster ride or similar ride that travels more than 500 metres; or an amusement ride that has highly complex features or controls.

Class B

A coaster ride or similar ride that travels 500 metres or less; or has one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Transports passengers to a height exceeding 6 metres
  2. Tilts passengers more than 45 degrees from horizontal
  3. Has more than 8 passenger carrying units
  4. Has a total passenger capacity exceeding 30

Class C

Any adult amusement ride other than Class A, Class B or Class C Inflatables. Any kiddie amusement ride that has none of the characteristics listed under Class B.

Class C Inflatables

Inflatable air supported structures only.


Concession Go-Karts Adult or Kiddie.

Inspection Request

To request an Amusement Ride/ Acceptance Inspection complete the Request for Amusement Ride Acceptance Inspection