Boilers & Pressure Vessels



Attention power engineers, boiler operators, pressure equipment inspectors, welders, and any other person(s) attending a testing/ seminar offered by TSASK. 

In alignment with the Government of Saskatchewan TSASK will be implementing a proof of vaccination or negative test policy for all our examination sittings/testing sites and seminars within the province effective October 1, 2021

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The Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK) is responsible for overseeing the safe construction, installation, and operation of Boilers and Pressure Vessels within the province of Saskatchewan.

TSASK establishes and enforces Boiler and Pressure Vessel safety standards through design registration, inspection and licensing ensuring accordance with the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulations set out by the Government of Saskatchewan.


COVID-19 Update

TSASK is committed to protecting our staff and stakeholders and will continue to reduce risk while following provincial and federal guidelines.

TSASK Inspections staff will be masked at all times when entering a residence or business and will adhere to any additional client protocols to ensure the safety of all parties on site.