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Home & Farm owner electrical wiring application

What is a Single-Family Dwelling?

A structure used as a residential dwelling exclusively for occupancy by one family. Dwellings such as a condominium, duplex or townhouse that share walls with another dwelling, are not considered a single-family dwelling.


What electrical work is covered under the Wiring/Rewiring of a Single-Family Dwelling permit?

All the branch circuit wiring throughout the home and garage (attached or detached) as well as a subpanel if required.

Branch circuits start at the breaker box and extend to the electrical devices connected to the service. Branch circuits are the last part of the circuit supplying electrical devices.


Can I obtain a homeowner permit for a solar installation, EV charger, or a back-up generator system?

No. Due to the complexity of the work and working with unprotected electrical equipment, a Licensed Saskatchewan Electrical Contractor is required to perform the work under the authority of a contractor’s permit.


Can I obtain a homeowner permit for an electrical service, hot tub, swimming pool or Generlink?

You can obtain the permit ONLY if you are a Licensed Saskatchewan Electrical Journeyperson or if your immediate family member is a Licensed Saskatchewan Electrical Journeyperson and is performing the work.  


What other information do I need when installing an electrical service or Generlink?

You will be provided with a Homeowner Energization Sticker at the time you receive your Homeowner Permit. Applying this sticker confirms you have installed the service to the latest codes and standards and that it is ready to be energized by the power company. Arrangements for the disconnect and reconnect are your responsibility through the power company.


Who is an immediate family member?

The term “immediate family” is defined as father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, spouse, brother, sister, son, daughter, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, grandparent-in-law, common-law spouse.

They must hold a Saskatchewan Electric Journeyperson License to perform work under your homeowner permit. You will need to provide their Saskatchewan Electrical Journeyperson License number. Red seal or other provincial licenses are not accepted on their own.


Can I obtain a homeowner permit for wiring my detached garage at my condo/duplex/townhouse?

No. This is not a part of the single-family detached dwelling and therefore all electrical work must be performed by a Licensed Saskatchewan Electrical Contractor under the authority of a contractor’s permit.


I hired an electrical contractor; do I obtain the permit?

No. Licensed Saskatchewan Electrical contractors are responsible for purchasing and submitting permits for the work they are doing. It is your right to ask the contractor for a copy of the permit.


Do I require a permit to add a light switch and an outlet?

Yes. Choose the Miscellaneous Wiring section on the application.


Do I require a permit to change/update plugs in my home?

Yes. A permit is required to ensure that the interconnected wiring and the devices are compatible and installed correctly. If during renovation or repair work, the walls are opened or if cabinetry is removed/replaced, every effort shall be made to ensure that the electrical wiring and circuitry for all outlets are brought up to the current Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). Contact the Electrical Inspector on what is required for the current CEC.


Do I require a permit if I am switching out a light fixture in my home?

Yes. Permits are required for all electrical work in your home.


Do I require a permit to wire a renovation?

Yes. As long as the work being performed on each floor is not more than 50% of the residence. If more than 50%, choose the Wiring or Rewiring of a Single-Family Dwelling section on the application.


Do I require a permit to wire my air conditioner?

Yes. Permits are required for all electrical work in your home.


What happens if I don’t pull a permit?

A permit is required for electrical installation as per the Electrical Inspection Act 1993. Failure to do so may result in the disconnect of the service. Purchasing a permit entitles you to an inspection. The Electrical Inspector will ensure the work is up to code and is done in a safe manner.


 How and when do I arrange for my inspection?

It is the permit holder’s responsibility to contact the Electrical Inspector to arrange the inspection prior to the installation of any wall coverings (drywall, paneling, shiplap, etc.) which would render the wiring inaccessible. The inspector will discuss any further inspections. Contact the Electrical Inspector using the phone number or email address listed on the permit to arrange for an inspection.


 What is a Rough-in Inspection??

It is an inspection of any wiring installation prior to finishing of the walls (ie drywall, wall board, etc.)


 How long is my homeowner permit valid for?

Homeowner permits are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


How do I cancel a homeowner permit?

Contact our office.

Homeowner permits may be cancelled and refunded up to one year prior to the commencement of work. No refunds will be issued after work commences.


Uncertain if you require a homeowner permit?

Please contact us at or call 1-866-530-8599 and we will be happy to help you.