TSASK is implementing new Elevating Device Mechanic Certification & Licensing.

Effective July 1, 2022, anyone who performs regulated work on Elevating Devices must hold an Elevating Device Mechanic Licence or be under the supervision of a licensed Elevating Device Mechanic (EDM).

What does this mean?

Elevating Device Mechanics and anyone qualifying for a Contractor’s Licence must complete an online course on The Passenger and Freight Elevator Act, Regulations, applicable codes and TSASK Bulletins before applying for licensing. The Elevating Device Mechanic Certificate of Qualification program will be available in May, 2022.

The new Certification and Elevating Device Mechanic Licence will be required to construct, install, alter, repair, test and maintain regulated Elevator Equipment in the province of Saskatchewan and must be renewed every 2 years.

Why is Elevating Device Mechanic Certification & Licensing Important?

EDM Certification & Licensing ensures Elevating Technicians have the knowledge and skills to perform elevating device work in compliance with provincial legislation and adopted safety codes. The public can be confident knowing that trained, professional EDMs are keeping them safe.

Please see the Elevating Device Mechanic Certification Information Paper for more details. 

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