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Prior to requesting an inspection from TSASK, all General Contractors or Owners must complete the required checklists. Failure to do so may result in a cancelled inspection with additional inspection fees.

To request an Elevator Construction / Acceptance Inspection complete the Request for Elevator Acceptance Inspection form.

Inspection Checklists and Test Records

Pre-Inspection Documents:

Inspection Report Extension Request

Each extension application will be reviewed individually before it is approved/denied at the discretion of the Manager of Elevators & Amusement Rides.

To request an Extension complete the Application for Extension on Elevator Orders form. A separate request must be submitted for each inspection report requiring an extension.

Request Inspection Reports

To request the related inspection documents for an elevating device email You must have the current owners authorization to request this information. 

This information includes:

  • The elevating devices history of inspections; and
  • Orders to correct.