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Field Approval Program

In Saskatchewan, every natural gas, propane, or manufactured gas fueled appliance that is offered for sale, sold, rented, bought, or installed must be approved under the Gas Inspection Act.

The Field Approval Program approves how the appliance, piping, valves, and its venting system is used as fuel features in the appliance.

It includes:

  • Use of a hydrocarbon fuel.
  • Handle a hydrocarbon fuel.
  • Control combustion. 
  • Vent combustion products and features. 

Field Approval is only valid for the original intended purpose, any changes to the application or equipment listed voids approval. You will need to submit a new Field Approval application with any changes, this includes British Thermal Unit per hour (BTU) input change, fuel switch, etc.


There are 2 ways that gas-fired appliance or equipment can get approved, we look at:

  1. How the gas-fired appliance or equipment is installed and by whom.
    • Have the gas-fired appliance or equipment certified as having followed an approved standard or test report. A testing agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) can do this.
  2. Field approved by TSASK. Things to consider:
  3. It is not illegal to install and test an appliance once you send in a Field Approval application. We will need to do our own inspection and tests for approval, and you may need to make modifications based on our review. Once it passes, it is legal to operate.
  4. Submit all applications to TSASK along with any required documentation.
  5. Submit separate applications for each appliance, equipment, or component location, each will need approval. We will review submissions only after receipt of an application.

Site Inspections

The purpose of the site inspection is to verify that:

  • Appliances or equipment are built according to the submitted documentation.
  • Appliances or equipment are installed using the correct code and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The fuel features of an appliance or equipment perform the required functions, and are in accordance with:
    • The applicable code or standard;
    • Operating within their certified specifications;
    • Certified or approved components; and
    • Approved codes & standards.
  • Appliances, equipment, and components follow approved codes or standards.

If site inspection and testing is successful, the inspector will place an approval label on or near the appliance rating plate.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Field Approval Application form for Single or Multiple Installations.   
  2. Email or mail the completed form including:
    • Valve Train Schematic;
    • A ladder style electrical schematic;
    • A bill of materials for valves, components, and controls, including:
      • Model number;
      • Part number; and
      • Name of the manufacturer.
    • A sequence of operation.

We may request more reviews to go over the appliance’s fuel features. Once we finish the review process, we will issue an invoice.

You must schedule an inspection for testing, we will provide you with the inspectors contact information.