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Mobile Outdoor Food Service Units

TSASK Gas Inspectors ensure food trucks comply with provincial safety codes and standards. Food trucks must be inspected and have a permit to operate in Saskatchewan.

Only a Licensed Saskatchewan Gas Contractor can submit a permit for a food truck owner. A permit is required:

  • For a newly constructed or new to Saskatchewan food truck, trailer, or cart; or
  • When an appliance is added or replaced and/or the piping is altered.

Once the permit is submitted, the food truck owner can contact TSASK at or 1.866.530.8599 to arrange for the inspection

After the inspection has passed, TSASK will issue a sticker to be placed in a visible location where customer orders are received.

Re-certification when required by the municipality

If the food truck was previously inspected in Saskatchewan, you do not require a new permit. Your local municipality may require a re-certification; contact them for specific requirements.

  • Re-certification is conducted under a Special Inspection. It will not require a gas permit from a Licensed Gas Contractor.
  • To request a Special Inspection for Re-certification of a food truck, trailer or cart, contact or call 1.866.530.8599.

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